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Overwrite in game tractors

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Created30.09.2017 02:36

Carter Nb (Unknown) 30.09.2017 02:36
Is there a way to overwrite the already occuring tractors with modded ones, or add modded qualities to the in game tractors? any info that you can provide would be great

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.10.2017 15:38

what do you want to do exactly?
Change the "starting vehicles"?
These are set in an xml file for each map.
So you could either adjust this xml file for your mod map or you have to write a custom script.


Carter Nb (Unknown) 04.10.2017 22:15
no, I want to change qualities of the tractors available for purchase in store, I want to add a new config without creating new vehicles

if I need to write a script could you give me ideas or code that would be able to do this?

ALSO, I created a new config named Ekotune, but I need that config to modify engine stats, how would I do that, because simply adding in any engine qualities into the <EkotuneCongfiguration> tag does nothing, but it will change price and upkeep for some reason.

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