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change map default vehicles

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Created21.10.2017 22:52

Carter Nb (Unknown) 21.10.2017 22:52
So I need to change the default vehicles for when you load a new map, can I change that in a lua script?(the vehicles in that xml file), or at least change it so that the map accepts a xml in my mod as the default vehicle xml file?

Tycoon Spaceman (Tycoonspaceman) 31.10.2017 23:12
Start new game buy the vehicles you want, position them save game, got to your saved games folder an rename vehicles to defaultvehicles and replace the one in your map fodler with this one, if you start a game with your map you should now have the vehicles you bought in your save.

Carter Nb (Unknown) 03.11.2017 00:24
Sorry, I should have stated my intentions better, I am making a mod and I need a way to do so automatically, without having to tell the installer to do all this

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