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Problems with imageOverlay and debug console

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Created08.12.2010 14:58

Simon Broggi (Unknown) 08.12.2010 15:05
I am having some very strange behaviour with ImageOverlays: some of them only seem to apear when the debug console is switched on. Did anyone else experience something like this? I am realy confused about this error and cant imagine that the error is in oure Lua code.. Also: if in the game.xml <console enable="false" /> is set, shouldnt the cocnsole be disabled all toghether? This dosn't seem to work for me.
Greetings & thanks for any reply,

Simon Broggi (Unknown) 08.12.2010 15:09
aha, the console is disabled by setting

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 09.12.2010 10:31
The <console parameter currently is not used at all :)

We never had any issues with the ImageOverlays. However on graphics cards with only a little video ram, it can happen that some textures are missing if to many instances of the app are running. Toggling the console might trigger the graphics driver to upload the textures needed.
How much vram are you using when the problem happens (you can see this in the Profiler stats when pressing F8)? And how much vram does your graphics card has?

It can also happen that errors appear if your textures are not power of two, so you should check this as well.

Simon Broggi (Unknown) 14.12.2010 10:06
Thanks, that's probably it, i've got lots of suboptimally packed textures and only 256 vram. Guess it's time for some uv map improvements...

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