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Created03.12.2017 16:12

L. Wersig (kingkalle) 03.12.2017 16:12
Hi,i´m trying to get the financeStat-values of the day before (currentday -1).
I don´t know where i can find them.

Tim (sliv) (Unknown) 06.12.2017 18:27
Try something like this to see if it works for you:

local statName = other; --valid statName values are indexes from table g_currentMission.missionStats.financeStats (e.g. soldWood, vehicleRunningCost, etc.)
local yesterday = g_currentMission.enviroment.currentDay - 1
local yesterdayStats = g_currentMission.missionStats.financeStatsHistory[yesterday].statName

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