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Reading file to script in giants.

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Created23.02.2018 13:38

Bartek Perkowski (Pyrol) 23.02.2018 13:38
Hi, It's once again me. I made an "array" (coordinates X Z) in file and now I wanted to put these values into script in GE I have no idea how to do it... I wanted to use but there is error "attempt to index global 'io' (a nil value)". If you know how to do it could you tell me. There is one more quesion how this data convert to array (IMO best idea because I don't want to play with "while" loop)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.02.2018 21:49
You cannot use standard LUA i/o functions.
This is due to safety - the FS LUA engine works in a 'sandbox' and must not have access to system i/o functions.

For interconnection you can only use XML files.

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