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Created01.03.2018 09:21

Tauno Pinni (HellBender) 01.03.2018 09:21
I added two cube boxes on a cultivator, which show up on ether side in front of tractor where the working area is. So I can line up and drive in a nice straight line without getting gaps or work on already worked area.

The problem I need help with: When the tool is parked in a garage, the boxes is still showing up, so I wood like to have the possibility to turn them of with a keystroke before parking. I'm to old (65) to start learning LUA-scripting. When the first home computers turned up in the early 80,s I learned to program in BASIC, COMAL and MNEMONICS. Took me 5 years to get fluent, so I don't want start again. So help PLEASE.
I can be reached on email:

// Tauno aka Bender

Tauno Pinni (HellBender) 03.03.2018 02:35
Hmm. 3 days has past and no help or replay.
Are all in forum lazy? I have looked around the forum and noticed there is seldom replies to help wanted, why is that? At least people from Giants should reply in some form, or are you too busy selling the game? Think of this, you go to a store to buy equipment to the company, and you need to ask a question about the equipment, you ask it and the clerk behind the counter just stands there and says nothing. You would be PISSED OFF, wouldn’t you? NO SUPPORT??? We players who want to tweak some items payed good money for the game. A reminder, clerk behind the counter.

In suggestion forum, a Modder wants an implement to lock mods. What a crap. One of every five mods lack PROPER TRANSLATION. Giants has stated that there should always be an English translation then the own language. One of every six mods lack the <l10n> texts. Lock the mod, and I can’t add the necessary translation or <l10n> texts so I can use the mod in my play. What a crap again. On the mod websites modders want’s respect, for crapy mods??? My son plays farming sim 17 as well. He’s got 23 mods installed, 13 of them has some kind of fault. 56% ???? What a CRAP.

I can respect the authors of the 10 remaining mods. Properly done. And I have the at most respect for one mod author, he/she didn’t know English so he used Google translate and stated that in the mod text. That is good work, and it has MY RESPECT.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.03.2018 19:05
Honestly - with angry statements you won't get any support earlier. This forum isn't frequented very much by experienced users. And the employees of Giants only look around here, if they have nothing else to do. At present they are quite sure busy with FS19 development as well as DLC and Modhub work.
So be patient and wait a while. Sometimes it takes weeks upto an answer.
Might be, you'll get an earlier response, if you ask in the much more frequented official forum:

Now to your question:
- The simpliest way was to write a custom LUA script for toggling your cubes in/visible.
- IIRC there are some mods around adapted for FS17 which can toggle parts quite easily.
- The FS17 standard LUAs don't support such toggling. But perhaps you could use parts of the LUAs AnimatedVehicle or Foldable.
- Another possibilty: the Cover.lua if you define your cubes as (part of) a cover within the XML.

All in all you'll need at least basic knowledge about FS lua scripting.

Tauno Pinni (HellBender) 03.03.2018 21:42
Thx for the tips.. I'll check in to it.

P.S. I did wrote questions years ago and no one replayed.

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