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Setting Transform Group Locations

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Created25.07.2018 14:57

Brian Bolger (briano74) 25.07.2018 14:57

Can you help.

I am trying to create a GE script to move a transform group to the exact position of another using getTranslation and setTranslation with GE

Could you please help with the script as I cannot get it working

I.e. Find the tranlation of node 229 for example and move node 300 to the location of 229


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.07.2018 15:11
See Documentation -> LUADOC -> Engine -> Scenegraph

You'll need at least good knowledge of general LUA scripting and basic experience in FS LUA programming.

Brian Bolger (briano74) 25.07.2018 15:39

Before a member of the Giants team wrote it - took a few minutes as I remember it was 6 - 8 lines of code

Brian Bolger (briano74) 26.07.2018 22:30
Any more help on this - to align to transform nodes in the exact same position in GE?

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 27.07.2018 09:10
Hey Brain,

I saw this on my phone today so I thought I would make the script for you. ;-)

With this script you can duplicate the Translation, Rotation, Scale and Clip Distance of the first selected node and apply it to all other selected nodes.
Just change the true / false lines at the top as required and then select the nodes and execute the script.

Keep in mind that any changes made in GE using a script 'CAN NOT' be undone using the undo/redo feature so make sure to save often.



-- Author:GtX | Andy
-- Name:Duplicate Attribute Data
-- Description:Copy the translation, rotation, or scale of the first select node and apply to all other selected nodes.
-- Icon:
-- Hide: no
-- Set to 'true' to copy first selected nodes translation.
local copyTranslation = true;
-- Set to 'true' to copy first selected nodes rotation.
local copyRotation = false;
-- Set to 'true' to copy first selected nodes scale.
local copyScale = false;
-- Set to 'true' to copy first selected nodes Clip Distance.
local copyClipDistance = false;
-- Code starts here. No changes needed.
local selectedCount = getNumSelected();
function duplicateData()
local firstTransform = getSelection(0);
local x, y, z = getTranslation(firstTransform);
local rX, rY, rZ = getRotation(firstTransform);
local sX, sY, sZ = getScale(firstTransform);
local clipDistance = getClipDistance(firstTransform);

for child = 1, selectedCount-1 do
local object = getSelection(child);

if copyTranslation then
setTranslation(object, x, y, z);

if copyRotation then
setRotation(object, rX, rY, rZ);

if copyScale then
setScale(object, sX, sY, sZ);

if copyClipDistance then
setClipDistance(object, clipDistance);

if selectedCount > 1 then
print("[Duplicate Attribute Data] No nodes selected. Please first select the node you wish to duplicate the Attribute data from followed by the nodes you wish to move.");
print("This can be done by holding down the 'ctrl' key as you click on each node.");

Brian Bolger (briano74) 27.07.2018 14:21
Wow - awesome job - I wrote a script before but I lost it when I changed to a new PC - Thank you so much

Gtx | Andy (GtX_Andy) 28.07.2018 02:33
No problem at all. Have fun ;-)

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