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Created21.11.2018 20:18

Michael T. (mx11de) 21.11.2018 20:18
Hallo Giants,

die KeyInput Funktionen wurden geändert.
Zum schnelleren vorankommen wäre es toll, wenn Ihr ein neues Beispiel veröffentlichen könnt.




Hello Giants,

the KeyInput functions have been changed.
For faster progress it would be great if you could publish a new example.

Thank you.


John Brown (Unknown) 22.11.2018 06:09
It would be great if they published the FS19 API docs. As someone who has not modded in FS before but is a programmer I feel really lost on how to get started with making a basic script.

Peter Vaiko (pvajko) 22.11.2018 19:38
I've been told they won't publish it before the end of the year. Not what one would expect from a company relying so heavily on the modding community.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.11.2018 19:51
*sigh* That was in all earlier releases, that the lua docs came retarded.
The FS19 is still "under construction" - would you prefer to have an early and possibly buggy code?

Martin Night (Unknown) 23.11.2018 15:23
Stefan Geiger,creator of the mod More Realistic Gearbox just commented on GitHub that maybe would take 5 or six months to get your hands on lua documentation.Many good moders and scripters just can't start without this,so i guess no good realistic mods,or scripts before spring.

Jeffery Lind (Unknown) 24.11.2018 04:09
I don't have a complete answer but I can assist with a quick fix to get through for a while. The older style functionality still works such as:


but this unfortunately will not allow for keybinding changes. I hope this helps.

Michael T. (mx11de) 24.11.2018 23:37
Thanks Jeffery

For basic usage it is okay, but there are many other script changes...

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.11.2018 23:46
Yes - and probably not even all Giants' programmers know about.
Why else is the input binding issue so buggy as never before? *g*

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