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Created29.11.2018 17:22

Jozef Bača (TheGeremy) 29.11.2018 17:22

where I can find what are the posibilities, for:

I want to show current real time but in left upper corner and only when F1 menu is hidden.

Just point me to documentation, please.

Thank you.

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 02.01.2019 16:00
You can print the contents of g_currentMission.hud using print_r(g_currentMission.hud).

g_currentMission.hud.inputHelp:getVisible() to get whether the f1 menu is visible

Andrej Mazak (eLvisSK) 13.03.2021 14:28

Andrej Mazak (eLvisSK) 13.03.2021 17:12
Hi Jos
where i have to write print_r(g_currentMission.hud) if i want that info?

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