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Created02.12.2018 21:27

Kustierertert Ewrt (Unknown) 02.12.2018 21:27
For now i have changed the husbandryChickenLarge.xml and i changed maxNumAnimals to 1000 but it only allowes me to have 511 even in a small chicken coop if i change the max number.

Is there another file or something that controlles the amount of animals in one pen?

Espen K. (estyx) 04.12.2018 22:33
I haven't tested with actually buying 500+ chickens, but you can try modifying maxNumAnimals with script

g_currentMission.husbandries[index].modulesById[1].maxNumAnimals = 1024

It seems the index of husbandries changes every time I load the savegame, so you should probably loop g_currentMission.husbandries[]

module[1] = chickens

Jan Jacob (Simak) 19.12.2018 13:52
Sorry for that question, but where do i add: g_currentMission.husbandries[index].modulesById[1].maxNumAnimals = 1024:
Ingame the Console tells me: Command not found..

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.12.2018 14:40
In a custom script.

Jan Jacob (Simak) 19.12.2018 19:28
Hmm ok. I see i have to learn a lot more about modding.
My mods arent such complex yet..

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 02.01.2019 15:41
The max amount of animals are not hardcoded and only taken from maxNumAnimals.
Is this all you changed?

PinchTheFarmer 19.02.2019 16:37
Hi o/ I am probably sure that what you want is more to feed and more ressources to get ? :D BE HAPPY ! VERY SOON a new mod will appear and modify/add new livestock who will be a lot different ! (like a cow/pig variety who eat less & make more manure for beginning ) it's ready :) I got the new animals i made it's awesome :D

About MAXNUMANIMALS ? Me too i got the error "511 maximum", so if it's not hardcoded > it is coded in a tiny variable who don't goes more than 512 ( 2^x number) :D
BUT the new mod is ready for v1 with cows/pig going to eat & produce up to x200 cows for 1 ! :) If you have only x100 animals like theses it will be like a 20 000 husbandry ! :D and you are not ready for the 100 000 cows in 1 husbandry thrust me i saw in-game lol ^_^ (and you can have x32 husbandry or more, probably 512 xD xD )

PS : Prepare your animal caravan > Fee transport are heavily applied on valuable animals :)

PinchTheFarmer 21.02.2019 10:03
Hello back ! I made it ! :) Here is the mod whos everyone is waiting for ! Animals eating as much as x2 to x100 animals & produce same amount !

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