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Created15.12.2018 16:27

Tobi Kachler (Johny8530) 15.12.2018 16:27

I would like to change the production of the cows.
Who can help me with this?

PinchTheFarmer 19.02.2019 11:11
Hiya i know and found it ! :) To make more simple take the MoD > 4kHarvestMore ! (only the animal version, for fruits you have GrowthControl)

But wait a bit ! In fact INSTEAD having a lot of animals ! (which is not power & memory friendly) the best is to modify the current species to be more expensive but produce & eat more ! :D I am making a mod for this :) Even also create new animals if people gimme models.

What you want is like in :

g_currentMission.inGameMenu.pageAnimals.animalManager.animals.subTypes.output.milkPerDay / foodPerDay / manurePerDay / etc...

as i said ! :) just need new animals ! WE WANT to give more food & get more product ! :D Not having so many animals :P :P i am on this, oh god i'll do my first try :P I'll see if my 1st species will be modified.

I also strongly suggest you this page :

Look in the example code , you will have all datas from animalManager.animals.subTypes

PinchTheFarmer 19.02.2019 11:20
Okay i found them all :) i modified "normal"/vanilla animals , i'm sure it's possible to add more ^_^

PinchTheFarmer 19.02.2019 11:20
Hello back ! I made it ! Next topic (for people to be warned of a new answer)

PinchTheFarmer 21.02.2019 09:41
Hello back ! I made it ! :) Here is the mod whos everyone is waiting for ! Animals eating as much as x2 to x100 animals & produce same amount !

Peter Nagy (Chaze117) 13.03.2020 13:39
Is there any way to change the production?
For example I want to add sheep milk and I can add to sheeps the milkPerDay but that gives me cow milk and I want my custom filltype what is SHEEPMILK.

Peter Nagy (Chaze117) 13.03.2020 13:40

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.03.2020 17:03
By default milk is milk. *g* There's no difference made between animal types.
Only possibility to change is by a custom script.

Peter Nagy (Chaze117) 13.03.2020 18:56
Right, but we can't access the original script because it is in the encrypted files.

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