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attempt to index field 'specializations' (a nil value)

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Created31.12.2018 20:15

Trevor Collins (xXTheStig24Xx) 31.12.2018 20:15
I am trying to update a mod from FS17 to FS19 and I am new to scripting. This is what I get when loading the game:

Load mod: FS19_GearboxAddon (Version: (Hash: 0d40d054b5ef995da962aa117e56e409)
dataS2/character/humans/characterAnimation.i3d (406.60 ms)
dataS2/character/humans/pedestrians/pedestrianAnimation.i3d (216.92 ms)
2018-12-31 13:57 Loaded specializations
2018-12-31 13:57 Loaded vehicle types
2018-12-31 13:57 Loaded placeable types
2018-12-31 13:57 Error: C:/Users/musta/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_GearboxAddon/register.lua:7: attempt to index field 'specializations' (a nil value)

And this is the line it's talking about:

if SpecializationUtil.specializations["gearboxMogliLoader"] == nil then
SpecializationUtil.registerSpecialization("gearboxMogliLoader", "gearboxMogliLoader", g_currentModDirectory.."gearboxMogliLoader.lua")
SpecializationUtil.registerSpecialization("gearboxMogli", "gearboxMogli", g_currentModDirectory.."gearboxMogli.lua")
SpecializationUtil.registerSpecialization("tempomatMogli", "tempomatMogli", g_currentModDirectory.."tempomatMogli.lua")
gearboxMogliRegister.isLoaded = false;

If anyone could help, that would be great!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.01.2019 04:10
If you're "new to scripting" you shouldn't begin with such complex code. You'll be frustrated within short time. Instead begin with quite basic code and upgrade stepwise.

Mogli's gearbox mod seems in work for FS19 (see GitHub). Perhaps you'd wait a little. Since the orig. author has still some problems with FS19 conversion, your chances as beginner are very poor.

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