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FS19 Vehicle Specialization Script now available!

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Created24.01.2019 10:43

Viper Gts (ViperGTS96) 24.01.2019 10:43
Voila, a FS19 Vehicle Specialization Script template all ready for your code..

Happy Coding...


Anthony Roark (iwasthere83) 26.01.2019 23:18
Going to need you to get the addconfig.lua working now.... :)

John Wick (Unknown) 27.01.2019 22:12
@ViperGTS96 Do you know how to "attach" a custom specialization onto any of the "preset" vehicleTypes?

I'm currently doing this:

MOD = g_specializationManager:getSpecializationObjectByName("ModName")
for _, vehicleType in pairs(g_vehicleTypeManager.vehicleTypes) do
if vehicleType ~= nil then
table.insert(vehicleType.specializationNames, MOD_Register.specialisationName)
vehicleType.specializationsByName[MOD_Register.specialisationName] = MOD
table.insert(vehicleType.specializations, MOD)

but the MOD:registerEventListeners function never gets executed

Viper Gts (ViperGTS96) 28.01.2019 06:52
What you have looks pretty good, do you have that inside a function or in global space? (outside of all functions) definately wont work in registerEventListeners . Also I'm pretty sure you want to use a map script (like the fastnight mod), and not the Vehicle Specialization Script. (with "loadMap" instead of "onLoad" etc..) then just make sure it's all global.. For more help with this please use

Best of luck.

Future Readers:

This thread should be for the Specialization Script, so I kindly ask if you want to contact me for something like this please use to do so, either the forum or the contact page and I'll be glad to help if I can. (I don't check here as often either.)

John Wick (Unknown) 28.01.2019 12:12
Thank You very much, I indeed messed up that I had that block in the onMapLoad function and not in the global space.
It all works now, thanks! :)

Unknown 04.07.2020 22:18
@Viper Gts (ViperGTS96)

Can i get the Allowness to send a Face Mask Mod based on your Santa Hat into the Modhub for Download?

Please answer me! (I know that this isn't the best Place for these Question l, but i dont know how i can ask in other ways)

Greetings Atompferd

Mark Cheshier (mcheshier) 12.06.2021 16:51
Does anyone know where I can get the most current AddConfig script? I've searched through 100's of mod folders but they are all using the Ifko[nator] script from 2019. I was told there is a new one? Any help would be appreciated. I'm new to modding so my apologies if this is a dumb question.

Also @ViperGTS96 I tried the link above but it didn't work.

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