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Where do I find info on how to upload mod?

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Created01.02.2019 08:55

Kaj-aage Henneberg (kahfs) 01.02.2019 08:55
Sorry for using this forum slot, but I'm sure somebody here can point me to the manual. I know I have seen a manual, where it was mentioned how to upload a mod to modhub. I've searched here on GDN and on modhub, but can't find any info. So, where do I find the instructions for uploading mods. Can't believe it should so difficulty to find.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.02.2019 20:41
You didn't search long time, uh? *g*
See Downloads -> Modding -> Modders Guide to the ModHub

Kaj-aage Henneberg (kahfs) 04.02.2019 17:55
Thank you very much for the information. The arrogant and offensive tone I could do without. Honestly I searched on and off for 3 days, first in the modding section of ModHub and then here.

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