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Created10.02.2019 07:43

Anthony Roark (iwasthere83) 10.02.2019 07:43
Is it possible to combine placeableType: highPressureWasher & workshop in the xml? If not I am following the other threads on custom placeableTypes. Simple answer of no you can't or yes you can and direction would be nice.

If yes would it look like two lines:


Or a combination: <placeableType>highPressureWasher, workshop</placeableType>

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.02.2019 18:15
No - doesn't work.
The XML parser ignores multiple identic tags.
And in your second example the syntax is faulty.

Anyhow, for <placeableType> a single type is expected.

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