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Where is documentation for g_ variable ?

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Created03.03.2019 21:41

PinchTheFarmer 03.03.2019 21:41
As it's said , i looked everywhere and i can't find a documentation who explain what are the main variables we can access ingame.

I know g_currentMission, but i just saw g_storeManager, g_server, g_gui, so there is somewhere where all theses variables are referenced please??

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.03.2019 00:14
You can't find it because it isn't published (yet).
Some user-made lists you might find via Google.

PinchTheFarmer 04.03.2019 12:39
Holy GoD i found the paradise ! :D I saw your answer 2min ago and i found this ! :D It's what we need !

So in fact it is published the doc :D you have all classes & param & etc here, you have all the G_ and all needed for enngine code ! :D

I will be able to make that awesome mod i want :D :D !

I also found how to import .DLL from C into LUA ^_^

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