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Attempt to perform arithmetic on local dt

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Created26.05.2019 22:37

Caleb Granko (CALEBGgg) 26.05.2019 22:37
how should i go about fixing this error, im new to scripting and this is a mod i converted

2019-05-26 15:25 Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
2019-05-26 15:25 dataS/scripts/input/InputBinding.lua(2884) : attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'dt' (a nil value)

Viper Gts (ViperGTS96) 27.05.2019 15:37
You must be calling an Input function and using a variable called dt to calculate something but dt isn't in the function's input variables ( function myScript:update(functionVariable) ) or defined as a local variable within the function.

Make sure "dt" is defined as a variable before use; again either as a local or a functionVariable. ( function myScript:update(functionVariable) )

If you made a new function then make sure you're passing "dt" from the original function which calls it to your new function (by making it a functionVariable in your new function and calling the new function with dt ( myScript:newfunction(dt); ).

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