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Created10.02.2011 17:07

Edmund Eddie (Unknown) 10.02.2011 17:11
I'm looking for a way to get the price of a mod (g_currentMission.vehicles and g_currentMission.steerables). That would be the price set in modDesc.xml.
I haven't seen a script yet which would get some data out of there.

Thanks in advance.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 14.03.2011 09:39
You can use this code to find the price of a vehicle.

Assume the vehicle is stored in the variable vehicle.
E.g. if you loop over g_currentMission.vehicles with
for _, vehicle in pairs(g_currentMission.vehicles)

This is the code:

local vehiclePrice = 0;
local filename = vehicle.configFileName:lower();
for i=1, table.getn(StoreItemsUtil.storeItems) do
dataStoreItem = StoreItemsUtil.storeItems[i];
if dataStoreItem.species == nil and dataStoreItem.species == "" then
if dataStoreItem.xmlFilename:lower() == filename then
vehiclePrice = dataStoreItem.prices;

print("The prices of the vehicle is: "..vehiclePrice);

David Hunt (Unknown) 08.06.2011 01:34
What would the .prices change to if I wanted to get the store image and not the price?

Edit: Its ok I managed to figure it out, if anyone else wants to know it would be

dataStoreItems.imageActive in place of dataStoreItems.prices

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