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Moving parts in multiplayer

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Created12.02.2011 19:53

Mateusz Urabański (Unknown) 12.02.2011 20:05
hello I'm Polish and I use google translator because I do not know too well smallpox. I can write skripty but not because I do not know the advanced features, etc.
ask a question to you experts in lua.
skript did the moving parts using only setrotation settranslation and when I play multiplayer with friends, and when a friend moves the moving parts of it I do not see any sort of movement for me.
want to run that if a colleague will move it so that I could see these movements while playing multiplayer.
sorry for mistakes and please reply

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 23.02.2011 15:45
You should have a boolean which stores whether the parts are moving or not. Then you need to send this flag to the other players whenever it is changed.

You should add an event similar to the PloughRotationEvent:

Also you need to send and set this flag in the read/writeStream function of the specialization.

Mateusz Urabański (Unknown) 23.02.2011 19:29
and how to make this a boolean flag that sends to other players?

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