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FS17.Need help setting up the trigger for load milk.

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Created06.11.2019 14:35

Aleksey Shumilin (Salazgan) 06.11.2019 14:35
Hello, I’m creating a car mod and I want to add the function of transporting and selling milk. With the Gaint Editor I imported "water Trigger" from another mod, but I don’t know how to configure it(In the game, the trigger does not work). I will be very grateful for the help.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.11.2019 15:41
Take the joskinAquaTrans trailer as template.
Heed espec.
- in i3d the right trigger and collision mask
- in xml setup of fillTypes
- perhaps modDesc setup of vehicleType

wrong forum - this is "Scripting" (LUA scripts). The FS17 forum is under "Modding -> Farming Simulator 17"

Aleksey Shumilin (Salazgan) 06.11.2019 17:18
Thanks for the advice, I'll try your way.Request to the moderators to transfer the topic to the correct forum.

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