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Script Editor does not print "hello world"

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Created14.11.2019 16:45

Bautruk Vishn (Unknown) 14.11.2019 16:45

Here you can execute script snippets. With ENTER, you can add new lines. SHIFT+ENTER will execute the code in the text field.
Type in the following:
print("hello world from the GIANTS Editor");
Then hit SHIFT + ENTER and the string is printed out above.


But it's not typing anything.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.11.2019 17:57
You're confusing console and script editor.

For console you must have enabled Window -> Console. Scroll down the upper window to last line. New output is always appended at end/bottom.
This is the cited instructions refer to.

The script editor is for creating and editing existing scripts in GE program or user folder "scripts". These scripts are executed by menu -> Scripts. Script output is also displayed in console window.

Bautruk Vishn (Unknown) 14.11.2019 18:31
Bilbo Beutlin, it's clear now. Thank you very much!

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