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Silo plane problem

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Created04.03.2011 17:55

Kamion Matris (Unknown) 04.03.2011 17:59
I have a problem.
When I add silo to my map, the silo plane is at the maximum high, and when I unload the trailer with grass, silo just fills even more up. Where can I set start point of silo plane? THX.

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 15.04.2011 00:46
Open GE>click window>click user attributes>now select the grass or chaff plane>you will see values in the user attributes window of that plane>Look at moveMinMaxY this determines how low and how high the planes moves on the Y axis>the first number is the lowest you want the plane to travel down>the second number is the highest the plane will travel up.

The moveMaxAmount determines how quickly the silage pit fills. If you set it at a low number the plane will rise or drop quickly. If you use a high number, it takes more dumps to raise the plane to it's highest point. I could be wrong about the moveMxAmount, it just seems how it works.

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