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Created06.03.2011 19:03

Peter K. (Unknown) 06.03.2011 19:10
Because of the very faulty bad documentation of the whole giants engine scripts i want to know the parameters and the function / methodes of the OverlayNumberedButton class.
Are there any other classes of this kind for buttons.

PS: It would be great if there is a better documentation of the classes when they are not open source

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 06.03.2011 22:03

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 07.03.2011 14:26
Hi Peter,

As Torsten already said in the previous post we disclose most of the game scripts in source code form.

What part of the documentation is exactly very faulty and bad? We are always open to feedback and try to improve documentation.


Peter K. (Unknown) 13.03.2011 16:48
For example: Where can i find the documentation of the OverlayNumberedButton class? This was my origin question in my first post.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 13.03.2011 23:39
Hi Peter,

Can you please explain where the very faulty and bad documentation is?


Peter K. (Unknown) 15.03.2011 19:20
I mean there are missing different things in the documentation, like the OverlayNumberedButton class.
And sometimes it would be very helpful, if there were (more) examples and a better discription of parameters and published scripts (on

Peter K. (Unknown) 25.03.2011 19:44

It would be very helpful to know more about the OverlayNumberedButton class. At the moment I have buttons which are a bit transparent and with the mouseOverEvent the transparency changes.

Now I want to use two images for the button. One for the untouched and one for the touched version of the button.

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