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Change time speed without admin rights

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Created22.01.2020 15:22

Michel Mehnert (Unknown) 22.01.2020 15:22
Hi there,

I need your help.

I installed the following mod on our server.

Unfortunately, the mod is designed so that only admins can change the speed of time. Is it possible to rewrite this that all players or only FarmManager can change the time speed?

Or is there another solution?

Thank you so much!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.01.2020 19:57
Surely it can be edited to allow also others changing the settings.
However it's not recommanded since it makes sense to authorize admins only.
Better give your trustworthy friends admin rights.

For editing the script I'd suggest you contact the author for support.

Michel Mehnert (Unknown) 24.01.2020 00:11
Hi there,
i understand your concerns. The server is password protected and I know all the gamer that play on it. You just shouldn't be able to change other settings, just the time speed

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.01.2020 00:37
I also understand your wishes. But
- I don't know the script and it would probably take some/long time to analyze.
- It is not MY script and it's more fair if the orig. author is asked for changes or support.

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