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Error: BunkerSilo.onCreate is deprecated

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Created04.03.2020 19:40

John Bellrichard (Garvin) 04.03.2020 19:40
I am converting a map from FS15->FS19 and am following SkyWizards tutorials on it. after making a custom placeable of the BGA triggers and adding a additional 2 bunkers to the trigger set (corrected the counts and changed the names to bunker03 and 04). I started the game and ran a test game I have to make sure certain steps are conducted correctly. In the test, i'm not getting a prompt for bunker fill and compaction level to come up, nor a tip indicator with the forage wagon. Look at the log to see:

Error: bga onCreate is deprecated
Error: BunkerSilo.onCreate is deprecated
Error: BunkerSilo.onCreate is deprecated
Error: BunkerSilo.onCreate is deprecated
Error: BunkerSilo.onCreate is deprecated

where should I be looking to correct this? part of the trigger does sit below the surface and I haven't remapped the fields as of yet. If there needs to be more information, I will give it when possible.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.03.2020 19:55
The earlier method of i3d user attributes is obsolete in FS19.
All is now described in the corresponding bga.xml, see default bga for reference.

John Bellrichard (Garvin) 04.03.2020 20:51
this is the fs19 BGA trigger set tho. I imported in the BGA triggers from placeables, tweaked their position to match the 15 location, copied, changed id, and exported w/ files into the map file as CustomBGA.i3d. I copied the xml from the placeables folder and made the corrections to count (adding in 2 more bunkers), correcting the file location and name. updated default items xml for the custom triggers, and I get this error. I had also removed all the old triggers from fs15 on the bunkers prior to importing into the 19 map..

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.03.2020 01:27
I don't know what you've copied/imported - but both FS19 bga.i3d (mapDE/mapUS) don't contain user attributes anymore.
So your error with user attributes "bga.onCreate" and "BunkerSilo.onCreate" must come from something elsewhere. These are obsolete earlier methods.

John Bellrichard (Garvin) 05.03.2020 02:28
No, you are correct, a second look has shown that while I removed the fill levels and trigger box's, I had missed the parent transform group that it was all under. so thank you, it did lead me in the right direction. It just doesn't help when the are now 3 transform groups all labeled BGA. This hasn't solved why the FS19 BGA trigger set isn't popping up fill levels or fill/dump commands but I will post that in a new thread in a more proper location. this one can be locked.

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