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Created03.04.2020 17:44

Luke Hutchings (lukey87) 03.04.2020 17:44
Hi guys I'm converting the MPOwner mod from 17. I managed to get the moddesc changed to get the mod into game show in 19 but when in game I get a lua error and cant tab in to any vehicles or anything... I've tracked down the error and it Is thisĀ 

_ui.lua:270: bad argument#1 to 'getn' (table expected, got nil)

Can anyone point me in right direction I have found line 270 in the lua but not sure what i need to change

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.04.2020 05:41
It is very naive to think that with a small version change in the modDesc.xml everything would be done.
Many functions and variables have changed between the versions.
You need enhanced knowledge and experience to convert FS17 scripts to FS19. This is not for beginners.

Luke Hutchings (lukey87) 04.04.2020 11:00
I wasn't thinking that the moddesc change would make it work I simply done that to get it into game to see what errors it flashed

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