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How to add straw to forage harveser?

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Created19.04.2020 19:21

Charlie Oscar (E516B) 19.04.2020 19:21
There is a tutorial to do it in the map xml and the specific forage harvester. What must be done to have it as a global script for every forage harvester?

Ken Poth (pothk) 19.04.2020 23:18
you would have to add it to the fill types xml on the bottom, in the categories, i believe, but if you are still using the giants fill types (default crops and fill types) you will just have for mod each harvester. unless you copy that xml into your map

Charlie Oscar (E516B) 20.04.2020 18:06
The fact with the filltypes in the map ist well known, Problem is, that you have to add it to every map you play. And with a global script we can put it to mods folder and play. That is the wanted result. (=

But THX for your Answer. (=

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.04.2020 18:13
Sorry, but doing this with a global script is a silly idea.
If you overwrite global, you won't be able anymore to harvest the default types.

This is why one should change the fruit/fillType conversion on selected vehicles only (by xml).

Charlie Oscar (E516B) 21.04.2020 09:24
Problem is that it must be done in every map we play in MP. That sucks.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.04.2020 09:44
Where is the problem?
Take a default cutter, make (in GE) "new mod from game", exchange the <cutter fruitTypeConverter="forageHarvester" with fruitTypeConverter="mower".
Probably you'll need also adapt a harvester to carry straw.

Not very realistic, uh?
Then simply use a vehicleType "mower" which converts by default usual grain to straw. Certainly you need to pickup this with a forage wagon or similar.

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