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Addding Specializations via Script

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Created11.05.2011 17:00

Dennis Meise (Unknown) 11.05.2011 17:02

are there any possibilities to add specializations via script dynamically?

I am looking for something like SpecializationUtil.addSpecialization(model, speci)

any ideas?

thanks in advance

Thomas H. (Patar) 06.07.2011 17:25

you can do it with the function "source":

source(Utils.getFilename("filename", self.baseDirectory));

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 29.07.2011 13:18
i think this should solve the problem

table.insert(v.specializations, SpecializationUtil.getSpecialization("speziname"));
while "v" is a vehicleType-objekt

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