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Script for adding washer spray particle

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Created15.06.2020 22:00

Sheldon Taylor (Sheldon729) 15.06.2020 22:00
So I can get the washer_water spray particle effect in the mod and adjust the size and such but I've tried a few different scripts and I just cant get the particle effect appear. And help on this be great. What my goal is to add it to the effect of a field sprayer to add the extra "mist" when applicating.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.06.2020 20:56
Look here on GDN in "Video Tutorials" the FS17 tut. about particle systems. These are the basics you must know.
There are some changes in FS19, but you'll quickly get the differences by comparing with an existing, default PS in a vehicle, placeable or other object.

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