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Update wheel radius parameter

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Created24.05.2011 10:27

Janusz Zieleziński (Burner) 24.05.2011 10:32
Is it possible to update wheel radius parameter during the game?
I try this simple example but it brings no effect:
self.wheels[1].radius = 0.6;
Or maybe you have other ideas how to make "wheel in the ground" effect?
Best regards

Thomas H. (Patar) 06.07.2011 17:23
Hi Janusz,

i had began to create sowhat on FS09, but sven777b told me that editing the radius after creating the wheelShape is not makeable. So my only Idea were to make the wheel higher and bigger. Don't look nice but okay.

So - my simple answere is: "no"

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 22.07.2011 17:11
delete the shape and create a new one

Janusz Zieleziński (Burner) 07.08.2011 22:26
Thanks for your replies guys.
Manuel, can you describe how can I create a new wheel shape?

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