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Created07.08.2020 22:26

Kirill Teltevskoy (Atrides) 07.08.2020 22:26
Hello. How can I switch "isRotatable" parameter of the active camera with lua script?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.08.2020 23:33
The LUA variable is just the same as in XML: {camera}.isRotatable = true|false

- at first you must get the active camera node
local cam = {vehicle}.spec_enterable.activeCamera
- then you can lock it
cam.isRotatable = false

It is wise to memorize the camera node and 'isRotatable' flag to undo the changes after you've worked with it.

Kirill Teltevskoy (Atrides) 09.08.2020 00:04
Thank you

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