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Directly load savegame xx after start

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Created09.06.2011 14:06

Florian Otte (Unknown) 09.06.2011 14:08
Hi there,

Is is possible to directly start into the state of one savegame without having to click on carreer and choose a particular savegame? I thought of starting parameters like ls2011.exe -save=1 or something like that.

Cheers, Florian

Christian S (Unknown) 11.06.2011 10:24

Its posssible:

Open "My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\savegames.xml" in text editor, there you will find a Line like below.

change active to true and the number to the Savegame you want to load (1..6)

<careerStart active="false" savegame="1" />

Best regards

Florian Otte (Unknown) 13.06.2011 18:18
Thank you very Much!

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