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Created10.10.2020 18:01

Konrad Grzybowski (zajawkowiec) 10.10.2020 18:01
Hi. Is there an equation script in SplineStreetConstructor somewhere for GE 7.1? I can not find it anywhere for the FS17 version and the FS19 version works, but the problem is with the corners from the fields, because when I try to load the corners, an error pops up. I will be grateful for your help

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.10.2020 18:14
If you look into the "setTerrainHeightBySpline.lua": it requires the "editorUtils.lua". Be sure to have it in your scripts folder. However it is perhaps not full compatible with FS17.

Konrad Grzybowski (zajawkowiec) 10.10.2020 18:33
I have editorUtils.lua in my scripts folder and it still doesn't work. I even did so that I fired all the other scripts that were there in this package, leaving the original FS17 folder that is installed with GE 7.1 and the folder itself I copied terrain and in it I only left the script setTerrainHeightBySpline.lua but after entering the script editor and trying to save changes in the line "EditorUtils.setTerrainHeight (-0.03,1); '' crashes error '' Could not save the current selected script ''

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.10.2020 19:20
You know that just lua scripts often are subject of version changes?
Maybe you can adapt the editorUtils script to FS17 - maybe not.

Konrad Grzybowski (zajawkowiec) 10.10.2020 20:53
I already dealt with it and it works;) I had to give administrator privileges to save changes to the setTerrainHeightBySpline script and then slightly edit editorUtils, it was enough to change '' editorUtils '' to '' EditorUtils '' everywhere in the lines starting with '' function ''. And copy from editorUtils the entire contents of the lines '' function setTerrainHeight '' to the editorUtils script found in GE 7.1. And the error crashed with corners from the fields because the script also differed slightly in the line `` Oncreate FieldDefinition '' compared to the FS17 version. I hope you understand what I wrote;)

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