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Telemetry data for Motion Simulation

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Created16.10.2020 21:39

Value One (value1) 16.10.2020 21:39
Hi all
I'm coding plugins that extract telemetry data from simulations/games to move motion platforms, details see
Apparently it is possible to do that in Farming Simulator via a LUA script.
I'm not experienced with scripting in Farming Simulator but would love to play the simulation with real movements on a motion platform.

What we need are the orientation of the vehicle (pitch, roll, yaw) and the local accelerations (surge, sway, heave).
The data can be transferred to the control software SimTools via a UDP socket.
Can anyone provide tips, which variables and how to access them?
Thank you in advance!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.10.2020 23:08
Sorry, but if you plan such things, you MUST be experienced with FS scripting. Or wait until mods where another writes appropriate code.
These values are available in the vehicles datas, documented also here on GDN Documentation/LUADOCs. The names/notations of the LUA variables are mostly self-explanatory.
Anyway, finally it's not only finding such values, but also knowing how to interprete these.

Loki Laufeyson (loki_79) 26.10.2020 17:14
I could help you with obtaining the orientation and movement values, but I do not know how to export them, other than via text file.

Tilden Howie (kdog1998) 14.07.2021 23:08
I find I link I was wondering if this will help you

Tilden Howie (kdog1998) 15.07.2021 18:30
I find I link I was wondering if this will help you

Marciel Grutzmann (Marciel032) 06.12.2021 19:45
May be it will help you

You can fork this project and implement what you want, and then send back to main project

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