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How to fix the error 'vehicle.wheelConfigurations.wheelConfiguration'

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Created28.10.2020 22:42

Kamil Cierniak (TheKox) 28.10.2020 22:42
Hello, I have a question, what is the error and how to fix it
Warning 'vehicle.wheelConfigurations.wheelConfiguration' is not supported anymore, use 'vehicle.wheels.wheelConfigurations.wheelConfiguration' instead!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.10.2020 01:34
You need to improve your XML knowledges.

The first (obsolete) XML structure is
<vehicle> .. <wheelConfigurations> .. <wheelConfiguration> ..

The second (actual) is
<vehicle> .. <wheels> .. <wheelConfigurations> .. <wheelConfiguration> ..

See default vehicle XMLs for reference.

Kamil Cierniak (TheKox) 29.10.2020 15:10
Thanks for the help

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