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Modify fillVolume mesh

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Created05.05.2021 16:21

Simone Santillo (Sismo) 05.05.2021 16:21
Hi everyone,

I am trying to represent a situation in which I have a forager that fills up a trailer.

Now, I would like to modify the geometry of the fillVolume of my trailer, so that I can create many different shapes of it and make the filling process more realistic. I basically want to override from a LUA script the way the game create the filling mesh for a given fillLevel. Ideally I would like to build crop profiles of any desired shape.

I think this should have something to do with the "fillVolumeDeformerN" (where N goes from 1 to 6 in my trailer) transform groups inside the i3d. Or maybe with "createFillPlaneShape"? Or both?

Otherwise, what should I look for?

Thanks anyone for any pointer!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.05.2021 01:39
I can only advise to study the LUADOC/Script/Specializations/FillVolume scripts. These are documented completely and all you need is reading and understanding the code for custom modifications.

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