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Created02.06.2021 15:54

Markus Hausberg (Mmtrx) 02.06.2021 15:54
I've been using the GDN Debugger for a while, and it helped me a lot with developing script mods. Now I have begun to enhance one of my scripts to make it MP-ready. But when I start an MP game (on my PC, not a Dedi Server), connect it to the debugger, and then try to join the game from another client (MacBook), it won't let the client join. On the "missing mods" detail screen, it shows an entry like ".. debuggable".

Question is: do you need to install the debugger on the client as well? And if yes, is there a MacOS version of it? (I fear I know the answer to the last question)

Regards, Mmtrx

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.06.2021 23:27
Espec. heed the notes about multiplayer.

Markus Hausberg (Mmtrx) 03.06.2021 10:07
Thanks Bilbo,

I knew that. And set up the debugger at the server as advised
["Working on a single mod outside the “mods” directory (also compatible with multiplayer):
This is the most complex configuration, and it is the only one that lets you debug mods in multiplayer. Place the mod zip file in the “mods” directory and unzip it somewhere else. In “Project Settings” set the “Mod Name” to match with the name of the zip file but without .zip at the end) and set the “Mod Directory” as a path to the unzipped directory."]

But even then the client is not allowed to join the game. If I disconnect the debugger, client can join.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.06.2021 10:28
Sorry, I don't have experience with the debugger in multiplay.
Are you sure you have the latest debugger version 8.0.2 ?
Else I'd suggest you email Giants support with detailed description of your problem.

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