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Created30.09.2021 14:42

Pavel Davydov (Dawudoff) 30.09.2021 14:42
Hello everyone. I want to apologize if I am writing to the wrong place

I am good at programming in python and want practice for lua, fs19 is a great option! I searched for a lot of information, but I could not find a good tutorial on how to set up an environment for writing and debugging scripts.

I downloaded the Giants remote debugger, but I can't figure out how to set up the project, it seems like the file is created, but I can't edit it (the official tutorial is very stingy).

Where to read about the very basics? Where to start in the script itself?

P.S. I found the API, everything is fine there, I researched other mods (it seems clear), but still I want advice from already cool modders, so as not to spend a lot of time in the wrong place.

Sorry for my English :)

Greetings from Lithuania, Paulus

@ Squity (Squity) 11.10.2021 10:01
Hi, i was in the same spot a few months ago and i was struggling to understand how it works, unfortunately there is no such complete guide so i've created a basic guide based on my knowledge for the people like us.

Good luck.

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