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Save Game after new ingame day

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Created27.11.2021 01:58

Peter Müller (nudel123) 27.11.2021 01:58

(for LS22 )

I want to create a script (mod) which saves the game (or export all xmls) after a ingame day is over.

Could someone provide me some help.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.11.2021 10:37
That's not a good idea. It has a reason that standard autosave is done in game menu/pause. It takes some time to collect all savegame data and write to files. Certainly the game has to be stopped during this time. You can imagine that a player won't be happy with this in a running game.

If you nevertheless want to give it a try:

For day change you can use the message system like
g_messageCenter:subscribe(MessageType.DAY_CHANGED, myScript.dayChanged, myScript)

To initialize save I'm not sure. In earlier FS one could use "CareerScreen.saveSavegame()". That may have changed and you'll need some research to find the right procedure.

Peter Müller (nudel123) 27.11.2021 14:56
Okay, Thank you.

The subscription to the day change has worked, but the save method dont work

i tried

CareerScreen.saveSavegame(g_careerScreen, g_currentMission.missionInfo)

But either way i get
2021-11-27 14:51 save.lua:38: attempt to call field 'saveSavegame' (a nil value)

viusing 25.12.2021 20:33
Wanted to say thanks to Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) for keying me in the the g_messageCenter variable! That was the key to 3 different mods I was working on and now they're all working great. I love you!

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