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Created11.12.2021 00:21

Sagichnicht Nein (djklesk) 11.12.2021 00:21
hi, i want to add another tab to the ingamemenu but im stuck at g_currentMission:registerToLoadOnMapFinished(self) g_currentmission is nil ...
what im doing wrong?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.12.2021 08:53
The table 'g_currentMission' is setup AFTER the map is loaded. In earlier stages it is still invalid.

Sagichnicht Nein (djklesk) 11.12.2021 21:20
ok thank you but is there an event ? like onLoadMapFinshed? because i dont find anything... google is not helpful in that case googling and reading forums like crazy since 4 days... i close to give up because of no lua doc....

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.12.2021 00:10
Google will not help you learning proramming. It can give you hints, but barely complete solutions.
Why not doing like almost all other developers? Learning step-for-step?
There are so much examples also here on GDN. You'll need to understand the basics before having great ideas.
So ask if you have problems, but don't expect others writing your code.

Sagichnicht Nein (djklesk) 12.12.2021 02:16
first of all, do u know me? why do u believe i dont know how to code?... im writing since years mincraft plugins mods etc... i know c# i know c++...
and lua is a nothing special but without docs i cant do anything... not even the shit debugger is working... its a nice community...
i didnt ask for a complete solution i asked for an event...
sometimes ts better that u say nothing if u have nothing useful to say....

Alexander Schmitz (Kerbinaut) 12.12.2021 02:32
.... u both r toxic but he isnt wrong.... this is why minecraft got big because mod and plugins and a community that is sharing knowloing instead of hiding it like the christians in their library

Alexander Schmitz (Kerbinaut) 12.12.2021 03:29
dj this game is broken as helll... u need to hook the loadMap event its not like its should be named onLoadMapFinished...
i never saw something like that in any other game.... complete wrong named events....

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.12.2021 03:01
It's easy to nag, but difficult to program properly.
If you would have taken some time to learn, you would have seen, onLoadMapFinished() is used exclusively for specializations, not for general purpose.
Do your homework and begin to learn.

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