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fill level and capacity

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Created13.12.2021 20:01

Antonis L (antonis78) 13.12.2021 20:01
Hello. Im trying to access fill level information of attached vehicles but i can figure out how to.
In fs 19 i was using self:getFillLevelInformation. In fs22 is a little bit different. Can anyone help me with this?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2021 00:14
The function FillUnit:getFillLevelInformation() is still present.
But certainly self:getFillLevelInformation() needs a valid fillUnit for 'self'.

Antonis L (antonis78) 14.12.2021 00:37
Thank you Bilbo for the responce.
i have a part of the code below.

function screenFunctions:balerLoadBar()

local fillLevelInformations = {}
local fillRatio = 0.0
local specLoadLevel = 0

for _,fillLevelInformation in pairs(fillLevelInformations) do
local fillRatio = fillLevelInformation.fillLevel / fillLevelInformation.capacity
if self.previousFillRatio == 0.0 then
self.previousFillRatio = fillRatio

local currentLoadLevel = math.min((fillRatio - self.previousFillRatio) * 450)
self.loadLevel = self.loadLevel + (currentLoadLevel - self.loadLevel) / 40

if balerLoadBar ~= nil then
specLoadLevel = self.loadLevel
return specLoadLevel
the error i have is dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/FillUnit.lua(2233) : attempt to index local 'display' (a nil value)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2021 01:05
Rookie, uh? *g* no offense meant - everybody has done his first steps.
The function getFillLevelInformation() returns a table (pointer).
So you need at least a declaration alike
local fillLevelInfo = {}
fillLevelInfo = thisFillUnit:getFillLevelInformation()
Then you can examine the table.

Antonis L (antonis78) 14.12.2021 01:19
Yea! Rookie!! But with lot of ideas! LOL
By thisFillUnit: you mean the name of the function ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2021 01:46
No. The example 'thisFillUnit' is meant: you must specify a dedicated fillUnit.
Browse a little in the GDN Documentation LUADOC/script/specializations/FillUnit to see how it works. Most things are still valid in FS22.

Antonis L (antonis78) 14.12.2021 02:00
Thank you very much. I got an idea.I will try it to make it work.
Best regards

LOWEL97 03.07.2022 11:36
Hi Antonis!
Can you share the solution of your problem?

LOWEL97 03.07.2022 12:07
Hi Antonis!
Can you share the solution of your problem?

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