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Debugging of my Script

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Created22.12.2021 11:06

Holger Tangemann (Holger1607) 22.12.2021 11:06
Hey all,

I tried to start with my first lua secifications and for me it's hard to start debugging. In FS19 I didi it with the Remote Debugger and it worked really well but how should I debug without the Remote Debugger? Any hints?

Is somebody knowing when the remote debugger gets updated?

Bob Bobster (Bobster82) 22.12.2021 11:46
I use loads of print statements to check if I get the response I wanted. I never used the remote debugger ;)

Holger Tangemann (Holger1607) 22.12.2021 12:09
But when you use print() then I get the response in the console or in the log file right? That's not live isn't it? Means, when I change something I have to reload the hole savegame right?

Kaj-aage Henneberg (kahfs) 22.12.2021 12:17
That is what I do. Edit, zip, start game, check the log file on screen, stop the game, look closer in the log file. Edit again and try again. It takes forever.

Holger Tangemann (Holger1607) 22.12.2021 14:38
Hey then I can give you a little hint ;-). Don't zip the file - put your mod only as a unzipped folder in your mod folder then you only have to reload the savegame. You can do this also automatically with lua - look here ->

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