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Determine fill prices per station

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Created05.01.2022 02:06

Joel Alt (jkalt) 05.01.2022 02:06
Hi.. I was able to make a mod for FS19 to monitor fill prices and get an alert when the prices were high.. I'm trying to find what changed.

For vanilla FS19, a line like this would get the fill price:
local price = math.floor((station.originalFillTypePrices[fillNumber] + station.fillTypePriceRandomDelta[fillNumber]) * station.priceMultipliers[fillNumber] * EconomyManager.getPriceMultiplier() * 1000)

If Seasons was installed, this would work:
local price = math.floor(((station.fillTypePrices[fillNumber] * + station.fillTypePriceRandomDelta[fillNumber] * 0.2) * station.priceMultipliers[fillNumber]) * EconomyManager.getPriceMultiplier() * 1000)

The vanilla method isn't working for FS22 and I'm sure it's related to the seasonal info but I'm having issues finding the proper modifiers..

Any help would be appreciated

Scott Corio (DumpsterDave) 10.01.2022 06:16
I've actually been working on something very similar.

Take a look at g_currentMission.economyManager.sellingStations

Joel Alt (jkalt) 14.01.2022 21:04
Nice! Thanks for the assist

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