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Created13.01.2022 16:38

Turkomano 13.01.2022 16:38
Hello everyone,

I am working on a server-side mod and it mainly includes Lua scripts. I am new to scripting FS and was wondering how to use the Giants Remote Debugger with FS 22. It's very annoying to keep restarting the game for minor changes and I don't think this is the way to go.

I tried the Giants Remote Debugger with FS 22 but it gives me an error. It works fine with FS 19, but there is no predefined Game Source Directory for FS 22. Therefore I used a Custom Directory that refers FS 22. Now, when I run the game and press F10 it gives me an error "Remote Debugger connection failed (localhost:61407)". The Giants Remote Debugger is running.

What am I doing wrong, why does scripting feel like a hack instead of a feature...

See image for reference.

Thank you.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.01.2022 18:42
The Remote Debugger v8.x is for FS19, just as the Giants Editor v8.x
That means for FS22 you have to wait for Remote Debugger v9.x

Turkomano 13.01.2022 20:56
Any ETA or advice to be able to script without reloading the game?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.01.2022 13:21
No idea. The debugger v9 isn't announced yet.
Anyway, since a LUA script may be very low level, you need always reload the game on changed scripts.

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