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Controlling ambient map color

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Created02.02.2022 16:50

Bram Nic (bn122) 02.02.2022 16:50
Hi, I am editing a FS22 map and can't find controls for the ambient map light. If I change the directional light intensity and reload the map i3d then the ambient light also seems to be brighter.

Are there any separate controls for ambient light and directional (sun) light?

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 02.02.2022 19:32
Select the sun --Giants Editor --Attrubutes Panel - LIght and adjust the relevant settings.

Suggest you also look at the Modding Video Tutorials 3.0 (Farming Simulator 17) in the Video Tutorial section of this forum for a guide on how to use the editor it is for an earlier version but will give you a good ground work of the various settings.

Bram Nic (bn122) 02.02.2022 22:45
That is what I'm doing. There is only one light object in the map yet there is ambient light and a shadowcasting sunlight. Just trying to find if I can increase sunlight intensity without increasing the ambient light of the map.
Problem I have:
1) Set Light color to 0,0,0: sunlight is off, map is still lit with ambient light
2) Save and reload map: sun + ambient is gone
3) Set Light color to 1,1,1: only sunlight visible
4) Save and reload map: ambient is back + sunlight visible

It's as if they automatically exist together in the engine.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 03.02.2022 11:23
If you are refering to the residue light in the editor that is still there when you turn off all other light sources, that is part of the game/editors engine.

If you wish to make further adjustments to the sunlight in your map then there are multiple option/settings in the PostFX Editing panel in the editor, select Window -- PostFX Editing to activate the panel.

Bram Nic (bn122) 03.02.2022 12:32
Hm yes, looks like using the postFX colorgrading to control the "shadows" areas is the only way to get closer to what I want.

Worth noting the residue light is gone when reloading the map after setting the directional light to 0 intensity.

Coming from Unreal Engine I wish there was more control over the lighting, especially ambient level and directional light level. There already is a auto-exposure tonemapper so that is very promising, unfortunately it becomes useless if the ambient light increases along with the directional light automatically.

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