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Warning (physics): Static actor moved (railroadCallerTrigger)

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Created16.02.2022 19:47

Onur Ekici (onurekici) 16.02.2022 19:47

In my mod map, i have a warning about the railroad callers. "Warning (physics): Static actor moved (railroadCallerTrigger)"

If someone help me to sort it out, i will be glad.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 16.02.2022 20:01
As the error says you have an object set as Static in the rigid body tag that may need to be be set as Kinematic but in this case it would appear your animation is incorrect as the railroadCallerTrigger is set as static in the base game, see in the placeables/trainSystem folder in any of the base maps for correct setup

Onur Ekici (onurekici) 16.02.2022 21:10
Thank you Colin.

I checked all three base maps, everything seems fine. Even, when i compare my setup to US train system, all setup is the same. The only differences are name, id and index path.

Onur Ekici (onurekici) 16.02.2022 21:13

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 16.02.2022 22:58
Then your index path is probably incorrect, as the railroad trigger is being referenced as a moving part instead of being static, such errors are normally caused when linked in with a crossing animation

Onur Ekici (onurekici) 17.02.2022 21:07
Thanks Colin.

I deleted railroadcallers and import from Alpine map and no more warnings.

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