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placing grape vines in map files.

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Created24.02.2022 00:15

William S. Martin Jr. (nitrodad1115) 24.02.2022 00:15
Hello.Wondering if anyone has tried placing grape vines through placeables.xml in map files? i got them placed in game . copied the placeables.xml from the game save and placed in map files.. At game open though the only thing that spawns in are the pole for the grapes.. no vines no ground texture, Any help appreciated .Tthanks

William S. Martin Jr. (nitrodad1115) 24.02.2022 02:33
Actually figured it out .. you have to paint info layer for grapes in ge in the area you are going to have vines spawn at.

Hilly Farms (HillyFarms) 01.07.2022 23:50
Thank-you for this reply. (and your maps)

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