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Help needed, game crashs when show is build up on my map

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Created01.06.2022 19:14

Emanuel Schäffauer (Emanuel83) 01.06.2022 19:14
I really hope anybody has some ideas what might be the problem or maybe knows a resolution to following topic:
I am currenlty creating my own map.
As usual I do always test at some steps how it is working. Now I did come to the problem that whenever there is enough snow that the game will build up the snow starting on the map, the game crashes immediately WITHOUT ANY failure message in the log.

My assumption:
I am using a customized terrain: meaning I did increase the height limit to 900 instead of using the standard 255 meter, I need real mountains.
Anyhow to cope with the upscaled terrain which is a standard function of the GE, I did increase the densitiy too: units per pixel I think it is called. Meaning instead of 2 units representing 1m now I have 1 unit is representing one meter. Means I do have more vertices and more triangels to get more smooth terrain due to the height limit increase/scaling.
That is the main change of the map

NOW my assumption is that somehow the engine has problems correclty calculating the snow...

Anybody an idea if this is maybe the case?
Or how can I solve or at least how can I find out that really the terrain is the problem? SInce there is no log entry or so...

Just for info: I have no problem with snow on other maps (vanilla) or using the easy dev controls to create snow on other maps.
BTW, also using this tool crashes the game immediately to windows so it is easy reproduceable... Now snow shader kills the game, really when the snow is put on the terrain...

Thanks a lot!

Emanuel Schäffauer (Emanuel83) 08.06.2022 14:14
Any idea how to solve this??
I found the cause already is the density increase of the terrain.
The height scalling is no problem... I used standard 2 units per pixel and all is fine
If you e.g. want to have a "higher resolution" so as I did set units per pixel to 1 means 1 pixel equals 1 meter (standard 1 pixel equals 2 meters)
You have more density
You increase the DEM size (double) and change also all weights to twice the size to match again

BUT this crashes the game when snowing...

I thought this would be a "standard" feature since this was discussed with GIANTS themselves in the standard formum??
Any info also from Giants, are devs looking inside here??

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