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Created10.08.2012 03:07

Milan Backonja (Unknown) 10.08.2012 03:08
I have Windows 7 and when I installed Giants EDITOR, I can't open it... It's crash on
Check for updates (

I try to reinstall it, but problem is still...

Sean Foster (Unknown) 27.10.2012 09:45
Just a note, My Editor also crashes with CrosfireX ENABLED!!!

Once i disable this i am able to launch the Editor successfully (version 5.0.1).

P.S. This also crashes the display drivers, So I am unsure if this is Giants Error,
I think its just AMD's driver teams top notch releases (Sarcasm)...
As for this I am unable to vouch for NVIDIA users with SLI enabled?
So this may just be an AMD/ATI fault. well what i experience anyway....

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