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Created16.09.2012 15:45

Rsafasdsasd Sdasd (Unknown) 16.09.2012 15:48
Is it possible to add normalmap texture after model is in i3d? I tried to add normalmap (created with CrazyBump) by adding lines in filesId and materialsId to the certain material. But when i go to giants editor model is the same as it is without normals. Any idea what am I missing there? Thanks!

Rsafasdsasd Sdasd (Unknown) 17.09.2012 20:25
One more question.
How do I apply Parallax normal map to model that allready excists in i3d?

Marc Schwegler (Unknown) 27.10.2012 00:18
First add a File with a unique file id under <Files>:

<File fileId="2" filename="farmer_normal.png" relativePath="true" />

Then add this file to the material that requires the normalmap under <Materials>:

<Material name="farmer_mat" materialId="2">
<Texture fileId="0" />
<Glossmap fileId="1" />
---> <Normalmap fileId="2" /> <---

As for parallax map that is exactly the same the only difference is that the normal map also has a height map in its alpha channel. The engine detects that automatically.

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